Spa Covers

Spa - Hardcover


BMH Spa Hardcover

new zealand made

• all BMH hardcovers are new zealand made
• BMH hardcovers are constructed for new zealand conditions
• BMH covers are proven after 25 years of manufacturing
• beware of cheap chinese imports

how it works

• the hardcover sits on the top rim of the spa
• it acts like the lid on a pot to trap heat

Spa - Foam


BMH Spa Foam

how it works

• the spa foam floats on the water.
• it traps heat by insulating the water surface.


• can be used on both residential and commercial spas.
• ideal for commercial spas (hotels/recreation centres/etc) due to durability.


• made from 20mm closed cell polyethylene foam.

Spa - Cover Lifters


Spa Hardcover Lifters        


how it works

• the cover lifter is attached to one side of spa
• it is designed to support the cover as it swings the cover of the spa
• it reduces the physical requirement of removing the cover
• cover lifters make removing spa covers a simple one person operation