Reel - Manual Below Deck



• pools up to 65 sqm for the small gearbox and 85 sqm for the large gearbox
• when a standard reel not desirable for visual reasons


• pit constructed by pool builder/builder/landscaper
• pit specified to suit / call bmh to discuss requirements
• durable japanese 90 degree gearbox
• 75mm extruded aluminium tube / 3mm wall thickness / marine anodised         

 pit cover options

• under coping cover exit / raised pit cover
• under coping cover exit / flush pit cover
• trap door cover exit
• bmh has developed an engineered pit cover support beam         

where to buy

 • BMH distributes pool retailers and pool builders nationwide.
 • ask for a BMH pool cover by name.
 • phone BMH if you need help locating your nearest agent.


what is the life expectancy of a customised reel ?
  - approximately 10 years subject to customer care
  - please note the pit must never be allowed to flood

if we are building a pool at what stage do we look at reel options ?
  - before construction starts! - discuss with your pool builder when designing your pool. if necessary call us for advice. a little bit of forward planning will make your reel and cover a lot easier to use.

what are the required dimensions for a below deck pit ?
  - approximately 550 * 550mm internal clearance 


"It is very important for companies who have a strong customer focus to be able to receive 100% support and commitment from their suppliers and we are pleased to report that BMH Pool Supplies not only manufacture a high quality product, they also provide invaluable customer service to their customers (spa and pool retailers) which in turn helps us to achieve customer satisfaction. BMH Pool Supplies deliver what they say they will on time, every time. "
- Jan Cazemier, Southern Spas & Pools, Dunedin.


3 year warranty.
covering faulty material and workmanship on return to factory basis.


90 degree hand cranked (brackets)
up to 65 sqm
$ 2,110.00  incl GST

90 degree hand cranked (brackets) 
up to 85 sqm
$ 3295.00  incl GST

90 degree hand cranked (frames)
up to 65 sqm
$ 2675.00  incl GST

• contact BMH early in the planning stage

Warranty PDF: