Pool Cover - Slat Automatic


slat automatic pool covers

how it works

• slat covers consists of a series of hollow p.v.c. extrusions known as 'slats" 
• each slat is sealed to trap a pocket of air
• this air pocket acts as a thermal barrier to insulate the pool
• slats are joined together using a unique hinge connection which allows the cover to flex as it is wound onto the roller
• the roller system can either be submerged or above ground
• as the cover unrolls the air trapped in the leading slats makes them float
• as more slats are unrolled they push the leading slats forward down the length of the pool


• stardeck brochure link
• coverdeck brochure link
• aquadeck brochure link


• visually unobtrusive
• simple to operate
• reliable
• additional protection for kids and pets
• saves on heating costs
• helps keep the pool clean


• residential pools
• commercial pools
• new and existing pools
• subject to pool shape


• interlinked, hollow p.v.c. extrusion
• each slat has ultrasonically welded end plugs to create a water tight cell
• the plastic is u.v. stabilised and formulated specifically for the harsh pool environment
• designed and manufactured in europe to ensure the best quality


stardeck - submerged automatic 
new pools only

• fully concealed roller mechanism
• can only be fitted to new pools
• incorporates a self cleaning system

coverdeck - submerged automatic 
new and existing pools

• fully concealed roller mechanism
• roller system does not require a pit
• suitable for new and existing pools 

aquadeck - above ground automatic 
new and existing pools

• no housing
• power options - mains, battery
• manually operated version available
• suitable for new pools as well as retro fits

  Slat Automatic Pool Cover - Aquadeck  

where to buy

 • BMH distributes through pool retailers and pool builders nationwide
 • ask for a BMH pool cover by name
 • ask your architect to specify a BMH slat cover
 • phone BMH if you need help locating your nearest agent


what colours are available ?
 - white, beige, grey and light blue.

if we are building a pool at what stage do we look at reel options ?
  - before construction starts! - discuss with your pool builder when designing your pool. if necessary call us for advice. a little bit of forward planning will make your reel and cover a lot easier to use.

how safe are the slat covers ?
  - slat covers are an ideal backup to your pool fencing. the slat covers have sufficient buoyancy to support 100kg per sqm. however to safely carry a child or pet the edge needs to be supported by a rail or ledge.


3 year warranty
covering faulty material and workmanship


$ please phone
• subject to pool size, model and options
• prices range from $15000 plus
• contact BMH now